Lonely Planet: Morocco, Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan & France

TIME: He Saved the Largest Venomous Snake in the Americas. Now, He Hopes It Could Save Human Lives.

National Geographic Travel: Oaxaca welcomes spirits home with “bread of the dead”

Guardian: Black cowboys: Creole trail rides showcase unique culture

Globe & Mail: Why the Magpie is legally a person

BBC Travel: A revival of Indigenous throat singing

American Airlines: Sailing the Northwest Passage (p.90)

ESPN: Chasing River Monsters

Travel + Leisure: ‘Roma’ Is More Than Just a Movie — It’s One of Mexico City’s Most Vibrant Neighborhoods

Toronto Star: How Quebec’s Îles-de-la-Madeleine Are Coping With Climate Change

Beside: Sweet Survival (For Quebec’s Sugar Shacks)

EnRoute: Where to Eat in Ottawa’s Shawarma Capital

Eater: How Montreal Got It’s Taste For Portuguese Chicken

Horizon Guides: Inside Armenia’s Shipping Container Cities

VICE: My Uncomfortable Stay in the BDSM Room of a Brazilian Sex Motel

Lonely Planet: Saddle up: how to join a Creole trail ride

CBC: The beginner’s guide to the greatest pastimes: Cross-country skiing

Adventure.com: The patients who said ‘f*ck cancer’ and went to Burning Man instead

Thrillist: Traveling by RV? Here’s What to Know Before You Hit the Road

AskMen: Anthony Bourdain Was My Hero – And The Man We All Wished We Were

World Nomads: Road Trip: Uniquely New Mexico

Motherboard: Why Closing The Digital Divide Might Mean Skipping Wi-Fi Altogether

AskMen: Barbados’ Crop Over Is The Sweetest Summer Festival

VICE: What We’ll Do When Robots Take Our Jobs

Montreal Gazette: Formerly the world’s most violent city, Medellin is now a hub for Montreal’s remote workers

VICE: How Will We Rebel in the Future?

Toronto Star: Quebec’s language watchdog targets store’s use of English on Facebook

Ottawa Citizen: ‘Bullying, threats’ drive La Pêche dog sanctuary out of Quebec

VICE: Celebrating the End of Capitalism on Lake Titicaca

For a full list, visit my Contently page.

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