Writing highlights:

Chasing River Monsters ESPN

I Watched This Volcano Spit Liquid Inferno – And So Can You AskMen

Anthony Bourdain Was My Hero – And The Man We All Wished We Were AskMen

My Uncomfortable Stay in the BDSM Room of a Brazilian Sex Motel VICE

Celebrating the End of Capitalism on Lake Titicaca VICE

Why Closing The Digital Divide Might Mean Skipping Wi-Fi Altogether Motherboard

Quebec’s language watchdog targets store’s use of English on Facebook Toronto Star

Formerly the world’s most violent city, Medellin is now a hub for Montreal’s remote workers Montreal Gazette

Conor McGregor On The Truth In Trash Talk, Custom Suits And His Knitting Circle AskMen

What We’ll Do When Robots Take Our Jobs VICE Canada

Impressions from Lac Mégantic VICE Canada

How Montreal Went From Sin City To Porn Hub VICE Canada

How Will We Rebel In The Future? VICE Canada


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